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A list of DVD players that can read CD-R VCDs
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MP3 Comments
Akai DVP4000CDRXXplays VCD with higher bitrates until about 2000 MBits/s, but unfortunately a bit jerkey.
apex ad-600aCDRCDRWMP3works excellent, plays everything, great deal!!got to get one yourself, only available at circuit city...Plays it all. But I've noticed skipping when playing cd-r discs that contain mp3 files. Happens OFTEN....SVCD also
ariston dvd2000CDRXX plays but sometimes pauses, haven't tried cdrw yet. I found turning pbc off and changing the picture format sometimes helps
Bush DVD2000CDRXXNot fussy regarding bit rate for VCD in MPEG1 or MPEG2
eltax dvd 650 sCDRCDRWXi try it with memorex and maxell cdr
GE GE1105PCDRXX This thing is junk. I tried 7 different brands. Imation, memorex, sony,philips,fujifilm,tdk,HP, nothing works on the cd-r. CD-RW I tried,Memorex, Fujifilm, HP. The HP would load and play the 1st track but would not play past that.
Grundig GDV 100 DCDRCDRWXno fast forward/backward with VDC
Hitachi DVP505U/ECDRCDRWMP3One great player! Also plays SVCD just fine. Very Good picture quality, excellent DVD playback. Does not play mini-DVD.Plays SVCD, XVCD, HVCD, MP3 (miniDVD not tested)
Kiss Nordic 1102CDRXXThis player exhibits progressively lost lip sync when VCD tracks exceed approx 12 mins.
Kiss Nordic 1302CDRCDRWMP3
Kornerup Phoenix 203CDRCDRWX
Konka KD1800UCDRXXonly plays region 1
Mico DVDA980CDRCDRWMP3Plays DVD, VCD, SVCD, XVCD, DVCD, CDV, CDI-FMV, CD-DA, MP3 - all on CD-R, CD-RW, too. Excellent compatibility with non-standard bitrates and resolutions. Flawless mp3 playback.
Memorex MVD2025CDRXXI tried vcd, svcd with TDK and maxell cdr disks with no problem. I don't have cdrw capability
Philips DVD711CDRCDRWX 229 UKP
Philips 718CDRCDRWX
Philips DVD701CDRXXWas able to make a 55 minute video-cd with four compose of short movies, as well as making a menu so you can switch between movies.I used Memorex CD-RW Platium, and works like a charm. Tried using Memorex CD-Rs to make movie.but without success, but I was able to play home-made audio cds though. I used Dazzle video studio to create the movie, and burned it using Adaptec easy Cd 4x I was able to play all the movies without any skips or pauses
Philips 710 / 001CDRCDRWXPlays vcd and vcd with variable dates examply mpeg1 with 352x288 with 2000kbyte maked with Tmpeg
Philips 730/004CDRCDRWXYou can ff and rewind only if the mpeg stream as sequence headers in every GOP. Philips DVD firmware upgrade to v9.2 or better takes care of that. It will only say the track number and the time elapsed if the VCD is burned with NTI CDMaker or the image file created with CDMotion V4 for VCD. With Nero WinOnCD or EasyCDCreator, the display will not show anything.
Philips 940XCDRWX
Philips 950CDRCDRWX
Philips/ MagnaVox 825 (AT)CDRCDRWXnot tried with mp3 was using memorex cdrw and cheap nashua cdr media
Philips DVD865ATCDRCDRWXWorks fine with VCDs created with Adaptec EZCD Creator v4.x. VCD NTSC MPEG-1 files created using DVMPEG v5.0 work fine; however, the VCD NTSC MPEG-1 setting for Ligos 3.0 results in "Disk Read Error".
Philco PH7000CDRXX
Panasonic A120XCDRWXDisc: Princo www.princo.com CDRW disc. Burner: Yamaha 4260Tx. Burner software: CDRWIN & Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5 Sony CDRW disc 1x 2x 4x. Burner: Memorex CRW 1622. Burner software: NTI CD-Maker Pro 3
Panasonic A160CDRXX
Panasonic A300CDRXX work with some cdrw (infodisc) and some not work (GQ-great quality and double platinum)
Panasonic A310CDRCDRWXWorks fine with 1x2x4x compatible Memorex CD-RW
Panasonic A360XCDRWX
Panasonic Portable DVDCDRXX
Pioneer DVC302DCDRCDRWMP3Used EZ-CD Creator Deluxe 4.0 to create a CD from MP3 files and it plays perfectly. VCDs also play great.
Pioneer DV333CDRXXI've only tried one homemade vcd, and it worked great.  It was on a CDRW too. 
Pioneer DVDV555CDRXX
Pioneer DV525CDRCDRWX 250 UKP
Pioneer 626DCDRCDRWXAlso plays copied vcds and copied dvd's
Pioneer 505CDRCDRWMP3Only plays certain type of media does not like the blue tdk or verbatim media.
Pioneer DV515CDRCDRWX54900 PTA (.es)
Pioneer DV717CDRCDRWXAudio CDR works fine.

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