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Raspicam Remote for Android

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Phones | Posted on 18-11-2013

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Raspicam Remote for Android

Raspberry Pi camera viewer.

RaspiCAM Remote is an app to view the Raspberry Pi camera module on your Android Device.

– NO software needs to be installed or configured on the Raspberry Pi – uses standard NOOBS setup
– Pictures can be saved to your phone’s gallery.
– Continuous “video” mode (around one frame per second) for camera monitoring on your android device
– easily configure and test the camera’s image filters.

Simply type in the ip address of your Raspberry Pi to connect and view straight away.

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Get it on google play:

Run Android apps on your PC

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Phones | Posted on 04-04-2012


Run your Android apps on your PC with Bluestacks

The BlueStacks app player for running Android apps on Windows has taken a major step forward today with the release of its first beta, which can run even graphics-intensive Android apps on desktop PCs.

The BlueStacks beta (download) leverages a new, patent-pending technology that the company has developed called LayerCake, which does two things necessary for running Android apps on Windows. First, it powers the app on hardware that it wasn’t originally intended to run on. That’s basically the ARM to x86 conversion which runs the apps, and it comes with the blessing of one of AMD’s head honchos.

“LayerCake is a disruptive technology that enables PC manufacturers to bring the best of the Android ecosystem to their customers. We are excited to work with BlueStacks to make the emerging Android mobile apps market part of the broader computing arena,” Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, Content, Applications and Solutions at AMD, said in BlueStacks’ statement announcing the new beta.

LayerCake also includes hardware graphics acceleration that wasn’t available in last year’s BlueStacks alpha. This means that it uses your PC’s graphics card to make graphics-intensive apps, including Android NDK games like Air Attack HD, run more smoothly:


Polaroid Pogo bluetooth printer and iPhone

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Cameras, Phones, Technology | Posted on 02-08-2011

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Polaroid Pogo and iPhone (Jailbroken!)   

The Polaroid Pogo printer is a tiny handheld bluetooth photo printer. You can take a picture on your phone, and wirelessly print a photo to it.

Unfortunately Apple does not support OBEX printing which this printer uses. After some research and a bit of patience I found the answer I was looking for.

The program through Cydia called iBlueNova solved my problem. I am now able to print through Bluetooth to my pogo printer.

-This tutorial will show you how to get printing with your iPhone to the Pogo printer.

-Install iBlueNova
-On your Jailbroken iphone go to Cydia.
-Search for IBlueNova App.

Run iBlueNova
App Running
Enable the the Toggle
Go to Settings and Toggle “Send as JPEG”
GO to the main menu and select Pictures.
Choose the picture you want to print.
Hit the lower right button.
Choose the Pogo Printer (make sure its on and ready)
-Once you click on the Printer it will ask for a Code.
-Pogo’s Code is 6000.
-As soon as you put in the code it will start to transfer the jpg to the Pogo printer.
-Soon after the 100% mark the printer will start to print. (Some Cropping Happens).
1 – Turn Pogo on (solid green light)
2 – Open iBlueNova
3 – Change Enable to On
4 – Change Visible to On
5 – Tap Pictures
6 – Choose Picture
7 – Tap bottom right button
8 – Tap Polaroid
9 – Cross fingers
10 – PIN Request appears (Finally!!!)
11 – Enter 6000 and Confirm
12 – It says Connecting the Uploading
13 – Completed (Prints!)
Hope that helps you out!


The 3D Phones Are Coming

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Phones | Posted on 29-03-2011



3D PhoneForget 3D glasses.

Both the LG Optimus 3D  and HTC EVO 3D have thrown their hats into the ring with the Nintendo 3DS, offering a full 3D effect without needing to wear any 3D glasses.

Both devices can take their own 3D pictures and video with dual stereoscopic 5MP 3D rear cameras and 1.3MP front cameras, and powered by 1.2Ghz processors and 1Gb of RAM.

HD Video recording is at 1080p for 2D, and 720p for 3D.



Hotmail finally gets activesync and push notification

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Phones | Posted on 29-08-2010

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Hotmail users will finally be able to get e-mail push notifications and sync their contacts and calendars on smart phones, according to reports.

Microsoft is adding Exchange ActiveSync support to Hotmail next week. All Hotmail users will be able to use ActiveSync with mobile devices that support it, including the Apple iPhone, Google Android phones and — soon — Windows Mobile 7 devices.

iPhone users, for instance, can currently connect to their Hotmail accounts via the e-mail app, but they aren’t fully synchronized. Through ActiveSync, Hotmail users will soon be able to get enhanced syncing capabilities: when they delete an e-mail, it will be deleted from their Web-based Hotmail; when they reply to an e-mail, that message also will be available online; when they create a calendar event, that appoint also will show up on their Windows Live calendar.

These features are already available to Gmail subscribers, for instance, through IMAP and to people who use a company e-mail system through Microsoft Exchange.

Now, Microsoft is opening up that ability to users of its free e-mail service.

PlayStation gaming is coming to Android

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Phones | Posted on 15-08-2010


PlayStation gaming is coming to Android phone platform.

Well done Sony !

Read more:  http://bit.ly/bN3wps