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XloBorg – compass & accelerometer for the Raspberry Pi

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Technology | Posted on 20-06-2013


This week, PiBorg released XLoBorg – a 3 Axis Accelerometer and 3 Axis Magnetometer add-on for the Raspberry Pi

XloBorg Compass and Accelerometer

Since its so new the current software only gives the raw magnetometer x y z values:

mX = +00371, mY = -00053, mZ = +02539

Magnetic flux strength values aren’t much use to us mere humans,
what we really want is a nice easy 0-360 degree heading value.

Maths to the rescue !

We can find the angle from those “lengths” with arc tan Y/X

heading = math.atan2 (mY,mX)
(For simplicity I’m assuming the Pi is level… a more complicated method would include accelerometer data)

Here’s my full python code to read the sensor, and convert to degrees:

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Load the XLoBorg library
import XLoBorg

# Load maths library
import math

# Tell the library to disable diagnostic printouts
XLoBorg.printFunction = XLoBorg.NoPrint

# Start the XLoBorg module (sets up devices)

# Read and display the raw magnetometer readings

mx,my,mz = XLoBorg.ReadCompassRaw()

print 'mX = %+06d, mY = %+06d, mZ = %+06d' % XLoBorg.ReadCompassRaw()

# get the heading in radians
heading = math.atan2 (my,mx)

# Correct negative values

if (heading < 0): heading = heading + (2 * math.pi) # convert to degrees heading = heading * 180/math.pi; print 'Heading: ', heading

Much better:

mX = +00371, mY = -00053, mZ = +02539
Heading: 351 degrees

Raspberry Pi Biped Robot

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in robots, Technology | Posted on 16-06-2013


2013-06-16 16.44.10

This is a biped based on the BRAT design from a few years ago, updated to be controlled by the raspberry pi and so giving access to usb peripherals, camera wifi etc.

The robot is a 6 servo biped walker featuring three degrees of freedom (DOF) per leg. The robot can walk forward or backwards and turn in place left or right with variable speed. It can even do lots of Robo-One style acrobatic moves.

Currently using the interrupt driven servoblaster software to drive 6 servos.

2013-06-16 17.02.14

Arms and head will increase the servo count, so may offload servo processing to an arduino in addition to the raspberry pi.