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First 3D camcorder in UK

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Gadgets | Posted on 06-08-2010

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The very first 3D camcorder to be available in the UK, the Aiptek HD 3D, will go on sale tomorrow for £199.99.

While Panasonic announced that its HDC-SDT750 would be the first consumer camcorder, German company Aiptek has beaten it to the punch in the UK, with the small, portable HD 3D.
Clearly, the two are not in the same class, but for fun, instant 3D gimmickry, the Aiptek could fit the bill.
As you would expect for a 3D camera it uses two separate lenses and image sensors and you can watch the footage back on the rear display without the need for glasses – which we imagine makes it the first appearance of a parallax barrier display, beating the Nintendo 3DS and the Sharp 3D phone to the punch.

You can also hook up via HDMI to a 3DTV, but if you don’t have one, the bundled software will also convert images to be watched back in 3D on a PC with a regular screen, but you’ll need to use the supplied anaglyph glasses to view. You can also upload straight to YouTube 3D.
The 5-megapixel camera can also capture in regular 2D, at 720p. The battery will give you 1.5 hours recording, and there’s a memory slot that will accept 32GB SD cards.

The Aiptek HD 3D camera goes on sale tomorrow at £199

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