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eBuyer add-ons for firefox and chrome

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in browser add-ons, Software | Posted on 19-04-2012

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Sometimes a website redesign loses useful features, this was the case recently when popular computer & electronics retailer eBuyer.com updated their site.

Gone were long searchable list of products, with a limit of 10 per page, and no option to add to cart directly from the product list, which makes comparing products / mass adding a shopping list very laborious.

So like any good techie, I set out to fix matters by writing a chrome extension and firefox add-on to alter web pages on-the-fly to my liking, and bring back the ease of use.

EBuyer’s site without add-on installed:

Note the large banner before product results, and only 10 per page, now here’s with the add-on enabled:

and with add to cart buttons added:


Much better !

Without further ado, here’s the add-on “eBuyer Tidy” for both firefox and chrome:

V 1.0.6

  • Add to Cart directly on search / list pages.
  • Works with categories properly now and retains special offers
  • Forum link at the top
  • shows a selected number of products per page ( not restricted to 10!)
  • Removes the big banner before search results (leaves it on the main index page)
  • options page ( for number of items shown)


Get it yourself direct from:

eBuyer Tidy for Firefox

and for chrome:

eBuyer Tidy for Chrome
Youtube video

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I emailed them about this to complain today. I don’t want to go through 10 items at a time!

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