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BBC News add-ons for firefox and chrome

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in browser add-ons, Software | Posted on 17-05-2012

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Following on from my recent add-ons, here’s a handy plug-in to display latest bbc news headlines.

Instead of opening a tab, this opens a faster mini window on a single click:

So go get the add-on “Latest BBC News” for both firefox and chrome:

V 1.0


  • Get all the Latest BBC News headlines with a single click.
  • Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.
  • Links at the bottom to show all sections:
    Technology, Health, Entertainment etc


Get it yourself direct from:

BBC News for Firefox

and for chrome:

BBC News for Chrome
Youtube video

Comments (13)


Installed. Now what?

Isn’t it supposed to do something?

Click the icon in the toolbar to show latest news.

On firefox addons go on the bottom right

If you have the add-on bar hidden, you might have to re-enable it:

Press CTRL+/ or goto the menu view->toolbars->addon-bar

no icon is appearing on my toolbar. it says i have downloaded the add-on but it doesn’t appear anywhere. suggestions?

Simple and fast. It would be good to have the option to resize the mini window and to remember the new size.

Agreed, also to be able to move the BBC window around. At present it is stuck in the lower left corner and even with scrolling the entire window cannot be seen.

Oops! meant lower right corner of monitor screen.

I tried to install this and nothing happened. It does not load onto my addon foot bar or the addon icons at the top. There are no icons in the tool bar to add it and I am now at a loss. Can someone please help me?
I have also uninstalled and reinstalled it and I have removed the cookies too.

Hi. Your plug-in is excellent, but I’ve suddenly lost the icon from my Add-on bar, and don’t know how to get it back. The plug-in is still enabled. Any ideas??

Same thing here. I had the icon next to the search bar and can no longer see it or retrieve it from anywhere. I’ve disabled/enabled, uninstalled/reinstalled, no change.

Dear friend,
When clicking the BBC News video, the video skips out of view border,and can’t play,I already install flash related add ons.

Great bit of work but same issue as the other posters, plugin vanishes.

Disabled other plugins, restarted, uninstalled etc. I enabled debug options and can see an exceptions caught and rethrown in runner.js ln 164 and Promise-backend.js ln 870

Final option is to uninstall and reinstall firefox, unless anyone has a solution?

Thank you for bring this back to life! Can the same fix (assuming its the widget one) be brought to the HUKD one?

Thanks again.

Yes, same fix works on the HUKD one, it’ll be updated shortly.

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