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Arduino and SR04 ultrasonic sensor – robot eyes !

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Arduino | Posted on 20-05-2012

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Hooked an SR04 ultrasonic sensor to my arduino board – robot eyes !

Ranger sensor uses sonar to give accurate distance measurement to objects or obstacles placed in front of it. They’re surprisingly sensitive / accurate – I was able to reliably measure to a millimeter at 15cm range.

These sensors are also now VERY cheap £2.37 (4$) delivered from HK, and accurate to a few mm.

Added a servo for visual feedback:

Arduino code is basically sending a trigger on one pin, receiving a timing value on another,
which can then be converted into a distance:


    digitalWrite(Trig_pin, LOW);
    digitalWrite(Trig_pin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(Trig_pin, LOW);
    duration = pulseIn(Echo_pin,HIGH);

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[…] The motors used are standard servos modified for continuous rotation, sonar sensor is a HC-SR04 as detailed in a previous post […]

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