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ebay live – firefox and chrome addon

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in browser add-ons, Software | Posted on 13-06-2012

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This week I wrote another browser add-on for firefox and chrome, this time to keep track of your eBay watched items and sales in a handy window, accessible by a single click.

V 1.0


  • Track your eBay activity with a single click.
  • Opens a popup widget with your watched item list already displayed.
  • Links at the bottom for quick access to
  • Watched items
  • Selling items,
  • Sold Items
  • My eBay


Get it yourself direct from:

eBay Live for Firefox

and for chrome:

eBay Live for Chrome
Youtube video

Comments (5)

I do like it alot as far as functionality with no fluff which is the root of annoyance on eBay constantly refreshing every silly thing they added to the site in last 20 years. .. I may be missing something but is there a way to make the font smaller or window bigger etc ..??? I cant seem to find a setting so all the info fits in sidebar without scrolling side to side. Otherwise lightweight and has what i want. just needs setting if user wants to customize it. well done

theres a way to get the window bigger?

This no longer works on Firefox.

Yes, no longer works with Firefox. Could you update it?

The button never showed up.

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