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Watch UK TV in firefox and chrome

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in browser add-ons, Software | Posted on 20-06-2012



I’ve just written another firefox/chome addon, this one to watch UK TV live in your browser.

Watch UK TV channels via TV Catchup

Watch any of 58 UK freeview channels live streamed right in your browser.
BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 ,Channel Five
Film 4, Dave etc

Popup clickable list of channels, click to immediately watch in browser.

Click the icon at bottom right on the addon bar.

If you have the add-on bar hidden, you might have to re-enable it:
Press CTRL+/ or goto the menu view->toolbars->addon-bar

V 1.0


  • View any of 58 UK freeview channels
  • Clickable list of channels with a single click

Get it yourself direct from:

Watch UK TV for Firefox

and for chrome:

Watch UK TV for Chrome
Youtube video

Comments (11)

Great add-on but I’m having a small problem with it.
It works fine but does not start with Firefox. To get the icon to appear I have to disable then re-enable it.
I have tried disabling all other add-ons to see if there is a conflict but no change.
Any suggestions would be great.

Having the same issue.

Please fix… 😀

This sounds great but how do you enable it?.I have tried the suggestions but it does not appera in any toolbar.

The menu is an icon on the bottom righ-hand corner of the last toolbar on the right.

Is this app compatible with OS X ?

Bloody icon on toolbar. WHERE? I cannot get the toolbar, icon or anything relating to watch uktv. Amits comment is like looking for foreskin in a synogogue. Sorry no offence meant to any person but this is doing my head in. HEEEEELP.

does not appear in the addon bar how do i get it on please

This can no longer work, as Firefox doesn’t have an Add-ons toolbar anymore.


Same deal here. I can not find ANY icon in the add on bar. Enable/disable. delete-reinstall…nothing.

Too bad, it was a good idea.

Is this an Alpha? Seems like it.

Hi Mike – seem latest version of Firefox does not include the add-ons toolbar. It is possible to restore it, but your app does not appear there, nor in the customisation list, hence the comments from others that they cannot invoke your great app. Derek

have added and deleted several times, installed addon bar tried every combination of adding and deleting to no avail,how do I get it to work

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