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Raspicam Remote for Android

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Phones | Posted on 18-11-2013

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Raspicam Remote for Android

Raspberry Pi camera viewer.

RaspiCAM Remote is an app to view the Raspberry Pi camera module on your Android Device.

– NO software needs to be installed or configured on the Raspberry Pi – uses standard NOOBS setup
– Pictures can be saved to your phone’s gallery.
– Continuous “video” mode (around one frame per second) for camera monitoring on your android device
– easily configure and test the camera’s image filters.

Simply type in the ip address of your Raspberry Pi to connect and view straight away.

2014-02-01 11.01.40

Get it on google play:

Comments (62)

Good apps, but it don’t connect if the password of ‘pi’ user was changed

Yes, that was a bug that has been fixed in version 1.02

Like it , but why does it take such a long time to transmit a photo. Hd is about 12 to 20 seconds. Is it written to sd card and then read from android ? Even this should be not this slow.

Good app. can we change the default port ? i would like to NAT anothe port

Setting button doesn’t work. Can’t save a different password. I’m I missing something?
How to kill ‘motion’ when it’s running?


Can we change the default port ? (ip:port)

same here, woud like to change the default port ? (ip:port)

That is a nice app.

Can you add an option which is able to flip the picture?
This would be more usefull than the different styles.

Flip and rotate has been added in 1.03

I like the app but is it possible to change the exposure/brightness/contrast… ?

App works great. As mentioned before, an option to change the port would be nice. Is it possible to create a widget, which shows the image/video stream on the home screen?

The app still overwrites custom passwords and port numbers as default values. Could you please fix that?

With which program you programmed the android app?

I see that there is usb support but how do you make this work?. Must be something to run on Pi?

When i press save to save the image I can’t find it in galery. I use a samsung s4 mini. Why does it not save the image on my phone?

Works great! I’m playing with the pi camera as a time lapse platform. This application and a cheap WiFi nub plugged into to the Pi and my phone is a viewfinder. No fuss or bother, just works. Thanks for a great app.

how do you set up port forwarding in a bt homehub for raspicam?

The app works with a Logitech C270 and the Raspi Cam alternatively very well. Is it possible to influence the compression rate of the saved image? The quality of the saved image has a lower quality then the original showed before saving.

Is more then one USB Webcam possible?

Could you add a save function. I have 2 RPi’s with cams, same IP different ports. Would be nice to just click.

Not had any problems, fantastic work.

A configurable save button would be useful to allow you to save images to any directory on the Pi.

How are you displaying h264 video in your app?? i have to display raspicam’s video in an android app for a project,but I as far as I know android only supports h264 baseline while raspicam encodes in h264 high or main.what should i do?are you simply putting the link of the rtsp stream from cvlc in the videoview?
I will be greatful if you can reply ASAP as I have to submit the project in two days.

Is it possible to save the movie as one stream from the camera?

My English is not so good.

Instead of transmitting between raspberry pi camera and android device over internet, is it possible to pair the devices via Bluetooth and stream the output of the raspberry pi camera to the android device that way?

And if yes, could the video rate be higher (say 10-15 fps)?

If possible that would be awesome. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated!


Hi Mike.
Thanks for the app.
She wrote that one for your application no special settings on pi (Click to activate off-camera, but it is quite clear) to make.
Now I have connected to the app for PU-Connect the app works well for Pi, but unfortunately my screen is still black. You have already Google, but found nothing to solve my problem.
Hope you can help me.

Ok I have just yet or partly filled with the app. After that I get a picture. App once and closed a newly opened and the picture is just black again

Just wanted to tell you, that you’re a genius. I love this app

I have ssh enabled on the pi and typed in the correct IP address but I keep getting a “connection failed” error. Can someone please help?

Excellent app, but in nexus don’t work save image

I am able to connect from my android Phone over the wifi network and I have allowed port 22 forwarding on the router, but I don’t know how to access the Raspi over the internet. Not sure if I need router ip or raspi ip or both. Thanks for this great app.

Is there any way to have access to the source code? I would be thankful if you point me to the repository, if exists.

Hi Mike
do you share the source of the Android app?

How do I clear the previously used IP addresses?

Thanks for the app. I can see the feed just fine but when I click to save, the photos don’t go into the gallery on my Galaxy S-5 phone. Any ideas?

Amazing app!
5 stars!

Is it possible to save the movie to stream from the camera?

Continous mode not working my?
Still picture working ok.
What is wrong?
Samsung S5 and raspi old model 512 memory
Please, help

Hi, nice APP!!!
Can you tell me how can i finde the save pictures? (Raspberry PI2 with Raspi Cam)

Hi Mike,
it could be my favorite app. But just like Fres said, most often the pictures are not saved in the gallary. What can be the reason?
A second problem is that in the preview is very often not updated after a picture shot and also not in the continues mode. There seems to be something very slow even over 100MBit ethernet.
I´m interested in porting this to a java based app for windows, because I would like to use a windows tablet for working wih my telescope. Would you give some help?
Thanx Lutz

Hello. I am trying to develop an android apps to view live feed through the camera module board on the pi. I am wondering if you can guide me to develop one? Also, i try your apps on my android phone but it simply show a black screen for some reason but it successfully connect to the Pi. You help would be kindly appreciated.

The app has stopped working on my Sony Z1 compact after an upgrade to 5.0.2. Any suggestions?

Your application is awesome.
Don’t know if you’re still updating it sometime but an additionnal feature would be great I think.
In the connection menu it could be interresting to save all the connections by giving a name to them.
In my case I have a lot of raspberry cards to connect on the application but it’s hard to know the identity of each just by the ip.
Do you think it’s possible to add the feature ?

Thank’s !

This is a great little app! Worked perfectly right from the start.
One question, is there a way to set/increase the frame rate?

Can’t seem to get this to work with Raspian Wheezy… I can connect but see no images with either the camera or video. Tried scrolling the image screen as suggested in another thread… still nothing.

Camera has been tested, firewall is disabled, and I can SSH and RDP into my pi from other applications…

Is there a way to disable auto scanning of PIs … it takes forever when I am not on Wifi and I already have my connection saved ..

Your last couple of update broke the RaspiCAM app for me.

I had been connecting thru OpenVPN.

I can find no anywhere in the app to input an IP to transverse thru the VPN.

The settings button just rescans. Please fix.

Also, my other Raspi apps still automatically recognize the fact that I am connected to a VPN and your app USED TO but does not do it anymore.

This is a good app, but for two things….

1. I can’t set the full resolution of the Pi camera.
Max allowed is 1920×1080 when the camera can do 2592×1944

2. Settings, such as resolution, metering mode, ISO, sharpness, effects etc. can’t be saved.
Ideally it should be possible to saved named sets of settings, but just one set would suffice.

R u able to save the picture in the device? If so, please advice the procedure.

Same here, custom username and password could not be saved. There is always the default set when i start the app.
But it works good with my raspicam and usb webcam.
please try to fix the login saving problem.

Could you please add a button to quit the app totaly, it runs in the background forever if i don’t kill it in the android-settings.
Anyway, great app.

Using on a LG Android 5.0 phone. Works great, however …

1. Can not find a way to save changed password. ( I would delete old one if I knew where it was stored)
2. When I connect using OpenVPN the devices in the VPN are not shown when the automatic scan runs–just a few local devices on my work network.
3. It there a way to stop the automatic scanning?

It works wonderfully. I have two USB cameras. I’d love to have a second USB2 option (video0 and video1)

I have used the app RaspiCam Remote. It is working well but I can not save picture as it should do. Using save tab I am able to save the picture file but with 0kb size. So ultimately I am not able to save any picture. Please suggest the procedure to save the picture.

I have a PI 1 which works fine but just added a PI 3 to network and it does not seem to work.

Does not work anymore on Galaxy S5 with android 6. Crashes on opening or after 3-5 seconds. How to fix this?

Is there an extra command I can enter in “Extra commandline options” to force the camera to flip at all times? So I don’t have to manually choose “flip” each time I start the app… Thanks.

Help needed with Raspicam Remote, can someone help or direct me to the right place?

I just set my Rpi3 up as a WiFi hot spot to stream to may Samsung tablet. Tablet connects fine to Rpi3.
I loaded Raspicam report to my tablet and then updated the Rpi3 with VLC per the instructions.

I cannot get my connection to work. First I’m not real clear on what the Username, password and port should be so I’ve used the name and password I assigned to the Rpi3 when I set up the Hotspot.
I don’t really don’t know what the port should be, it defaults to 8081.

When I click the motion check box and try to connect I get the message Meg connection error:http followed by my ip address and 8081. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hay just got the app the other day. Love it. Gonna give a shout out on twitter and everywhere else I can. If it could connect via Bluetooth that would make it super portable with no data charges.

Dear Mike,

thanks for the app. I’ve been using it a lot! Since the last update (08-24-2017) there is no image shown after I connect to the pi (only black screen).
I tested with two different phones an also tested the camera directly from the pi. Do you have an idea what could cause this?

best regards

Was working with Rasp PI 3 but now broken with release 1.17 updated on 8/26

Hello Sir,
I am using raspberry pi 3 and raspberry pi camera and using Raspicam Remote Android App. App is not connecting to my Rpi.I couldnot find the error.Please help me to locate the Error Log file, so that i can troubleshoot the error.
Thanking you.

HELP! I can’t connect. The app keeps saying `Connection Failed`.
Do you have any more information on how to set up the PI and connect?

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