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Raspberry Pi Sales Timeline

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Technology | Posted on 29-04-2014


The Raspberry Pi has been a great success, with over 2.5million sold so far,
but there’s less information around on how many of each revision are out there,
particularly the percentage with “mounting holes” (rev2 onwards) or the split of 256/512MB models

So after a bit of trawling through google and correlating article dates with quoted figures,
it’s possible to put together a timeline of Raspberry Pi sales, together with landmarks along the way:

Raspberry Pi Sales Timeline

Now looking at that graph and data, we can glean some more useful information from it:

There are around 500,000 256MB Pi model B’s
There are approx 100,000 of the “rare” 256MB rev2 Pi.

15% are Rev1 models (no mounting holes)
20% of Pi are 256MB models (a fair bit more including model A)

Raspberry Pi Models

How many model A Pi’s are out there ? (model A’s are all 256MB)
No official mention at all, but no doubt liz/eben will say when a milestone is met ( 1/2 million, 1 million ?)

[Original spreadsheet with all data and links can be seen here:

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I suspect the “over 2.5 million Raspberry Pis” figure probably includes both Model As and Model Bs ?

Yes that figure is “all pi’s”, but we have no idea how many model A’s are out there, only quotes from JamesH like “not a great seller” “but still sold quite a few”.

I’d guess at 200k model A’s but that’s pure speculation

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