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PiZero works with chromecast ethernet PSU

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Technology | Posted on 04-01-2016


Google sell a combined PSU and ethernet adaptor for the chromecast which works over a single micro usb….

Chromecast ethernet PSU

https://store.google.com/product/ethernet_adapter_for_chromecast [£15]

The PSU contains a USB-ethernet adaptor so it can provide both power and ethernet networking to the Pi Zero,which can be powered from the data usb port as seen above.

Power and networking with a single cable !

Fortunately the Pi Zero supports this chipset out of the box with Raspbian OS:

pi@pizero3:~ $ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0bda:8152 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
pi@pizero3:~ $ lsusb -t
/: Bus 01.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=dwc_otg/1p, 480M
|__ Port 1: Dev 2, If 0, Class=Vendor Specific Class, Driver=r8152, 480M

Speed ? Pretty good too:

pi@pizero3:~ $ iperf -c
Client connecting to, TCP port 5001
TCP window size: 43.8 KByte (default)
[ 3] local port 48478 connected with port 5001
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 112 MBytes 94.2 Mbits/sec

Chromecast ethernet adaptor is £15 on google play:
https://store.google.com/product/ethernet_adapter_for_chromecast [£15]

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