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Raspi Imager – Android app to download and install Raspberry Pi SD cards

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in raspberry pi, Technology | Posted on 04-05-2016


Raspi Imager – Android app to download and install Raspberry Pi SD cards

New android app to download & image raspberry pi SD cards

Prepare bootable SD cards for your Raspberry Pi direct on your phone

– No PC required !
– downloads and installs OS
– images to SD card or USB (card reader)

Can install NOOBS and NOOBS Lite

Supports SD card in phone (if rooted- android limitations), or via USB card reader.

Android App

Phone and Card Reader


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Would love to see this on F-Droid as I do not install anything off the Google Play store. And if you could open source it then it will Live Forever!.

Good Job

Maybe I missed it in the app, but if not, it would be very helpful if the app had an option of where to store the downloaded file. For example, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 16 GB, but I have added a 64 GB micro SD card. I don’t have room on the phone internal storage to store a 1 GB+ image file…

Thanks, Rolf.

Currently uses internal memory, but an option to use SD cards for the downloads will be in the next release (1.3)

Can you add recalbox? Please
Thanks for app

End up with blank selection for os to boot. Tried on working zero and yet to work 3 b+. Trying to get 3 b+ working.

Can anyone tell me what the limitations of a rooted android tablet or phone are?

Thx to everyone for any help they can give.

I’m having trouble with the retorpie it’s unzipping a tar that shouldn’t be unzipping and causing the software to crash Everytime at 50% tarball xz there’s no way to keep the folder to keep from getting unzipped

Hi, it looks like your app isn’t supporting 64gb sd cards.

Can you provide this 64-bit version of pi

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