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Polaroid Pogo bluetooth printer and iPhone

Posted by Mike Redrobe | Posted in Cameras, Phones, Technology | Posted on 02-08-2011

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Polaroid Pogo and iPhone (Jailbroken!)   

The Polaroid Pogo printer is a tiny handheld bluetooth photo printer. You can take a picture on your phone, and wirelessly print a photo to it.

Unfortunately Apple does not support OBEX printing which this printer uses. After some research and a bit of patience I found the answer I was looking for.

The program through Cydia called iBlueNova solved my problem. I am now able to print through Bluetooth to my pogo printer.

-This tutorial will show you how to get printing with your iPhone to the Pogo printer.

-Install iBlueNova
-On your Jailbroken iphone go to Cydia.
-Search for IBlueNova App.

Run iBlueNova
App Running
Enable the the Toggle
Go to Settings and Toggle “Send as JPEG”
GO to the main menu and select Pictures.
Choose the picture you want to print.
Hit the lower right button.
Choose the Pogo Printer (make sure its on and ready)
-Once you click on the Printer it will ask for a Code.
-Pogo’s Code is 6000.
-As soon as you put in the code it will start to transfer the jpg to the Pogo printer.
-Soon after the 100% mark the printer will start to print. (Some Cropping Happens).
1 – Turn Pogo on (solid green light)
2 – Open iBlueNova
3 – Change Enable to On
4 – Change Visible to On
5 – Tap Pictures
6 – Choose Picture
7 – Tap bottom right button
8 – Tap Polaroid
9 – Cross fingers
10 – PIN Request appears (Finally!!!)
11 – Enter 6000 and Confirm
12 – It says Connecting the Uploading
13 – Completed (Prints!)
Hope that helps you out!